3 Minutes too late for my ice cream - Running 27k on time 20.05.2018

image from 3 Minutes too late for my ice cream - Running 27k on time

After my recent bakery run, i looked for a new fun challenge, this one is about getting some icecream in a nearby town. When i finally found the time to get started and ran for like ten minutes already, i realized that i had less than one hour left - i never ran this route before and was barely able to calculate how much time i'd need and actually thought i may need upto ten minutes longer that deadline since the store would close at 8pm.

24k Bakery Run 18.05.2018

image from 24k Bakery Run

I recently performed an 24k bakery-run because i thought it would be fun to do a morning run for buns. And yes, it was fun! When i was close to the town, i realized i was doing this on a holiday, so i was forced to run deep down the valley, to the center of the town.

First morning run after a while! 27.04.2018

image from First morning run after a while!

My first morning run was when i haven't even done my first 10k as far as i remember but this changed quite soon again, i guess because days became shorter and i am overall not the kind of guy who uses to stand up early, i normally be awake until or a bit after midnight.

I've finally been there! 22.04.2018

image from I've finally been there!

Followers of mine maybe know my cover photo, it shows a street like eight kilometers away (not sure about this value but it should be something around that). Last time i've been there was like fifteen years ago, or even longer and since i started with my first runs i always had in mind that i wanted to run to this place one day but somehow never actually did that (okey the recent increase of my ability to run longer distances happened a shorter while ago).

Bye Sun Run 19.04.2018

image from Bye Sun Run

Ah, i couldn't hold myself back, damn addiction, tomorrow i would have had way more time...potentially, but hey, i got it to finish my 14k route and it was actually not that bad! In fact i felt and feel quite powerful and relaxed on this run, i think this is because the latest 21k one .

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