HowTo make Bijiben's Nextcloud Sync more reliable and enjoyable 11.03.2018

When you use Bijiben with Nextcloud, you may noticed that your local notes are lost as soon as your device is offline, i for myself had to learn that Bijiben gets randomly confused, clears or/and duplicates notes, it's a mess.

So today i decided to do a little workaround to make Bijiben (local) filebased but still synced with Nextcloud - even tho, this requires a restart of Bijiben on the other device you sync with in order to display your changes / new notes, but i think the benefits weight more here - i think Bijiben's design is a real benefit when creating notes/writing scripts so i didn't yet give it up and try to do workarounds like this one.

Steps in terminal:

  1. close Bijiben on each device

  2. create directory in Nextcloud
    mkdir ~/Nextcloud/Documents/bijiben

  3. backup your local notes, if there are any in the local folder
    cp ~/.local/share/bijiben/* ~/Nextcloud/Documents/bijiben/

  4. replace your old local folder of Bijiben with the synced storage
    rm -r ~/.local/share/bijiben; ln -s ~/Nextcloud/Documents/bijiben ~/.local/share/

  5. open Bijiben and configure it to use the local folder

  6. repeat on synced device

Enjoy a better Bijiben experience! \o/

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