Hey there!

I am Milan,

while exploring new ways to express myself, i decided to get into blogging a while ago. I originally startet at Steemit but became frustrated because i cannot really sort my posts and have no clue about their repurtation as there is no viewcounter, so i decided to host my own blog again, using Hugo (the used theme is built from scretch). Before that i was only actively microblogging over there on Mastodon. I hope being able to make this a habit and get better over time.

Right now i am living on my parent’s (organic) chickenfarm, in my spare time i…

  • usually maintain my servers,
  • work on websites like this one,
  • do moderation work,
  • shoot and edit photographs,
  • go running,
  • pretend i know Lua (do modding for my Minetestservers),
  • discover new issues with my Smartphone or PC
  • watch YouTube videos

Update 19. Aug:
I found a topic for videos on a regular basis, check out the link above. :)

I will be Milan,

i create videos and music on a regular basis.
This is actually a big deal for me, it is kinda the next chapter.

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